SEO Services

SEO Services

Get found by your potential customers on Google. We at Ducard specialise in white-hat SEO, helping you to improve your visibility on search engines in a way that is honest and organic.

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If your business wants to succeed online, it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of search engine optimisation.

Every year, more and more customers are searching for products and services through search engines, and every online business needs to compete for their attention.

  • There are over 3.5 billion searches done through Google every day.
  • Around 20% of searches done on Google each day have never been done before.
  • The annual number of searches on Google increases by about 10% every year.

(Statistics courtesy of Internet Live Stats)

When you search for products or services online (e.g. hats or TVs), you’ll often see major businesses at the top of the results. However, by understanding in more detail how people search, it’s possible to rank highly for more specific terms that have a higher potential of delivering revenue for your business.

Our experienced SEO team has the business knowledge and Google know-how to find potential high-ranking search terms for your business, developing detailed, focused white-hat strategies that deliver long-term organic results.

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How We Improve your Search Engine Performance


Our experienced SEO team will use industry-leading tools and techniques to identify the optimum keywords for your website. Our understanding of search trends and SEO best practice will help you discover the perfect terms to target.


Once we have discovered your perfect keywords, we can optimise your site to ensure the best performance. We can implement online best practice into every aspect of your website, including page structure, meta titles and landing page copy.


A successful SEO campaign relies on great content. Our specialist team can produce engaging content designed to perform with SEO best practices in mind.


Boost your online authority with the help of our dedicated outreach team. By gaining white-hat, non-spam links to your site, our team can improve your website’s standing on search engines.

FREE Analysis & Consultation

Would You Like More Business? Let Us Show How Today With Our Free Consultation!

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