World's Favourite Colour is ‘Ducard Green’ (deep teal), Survey Reveals

Last month (June) it was revealed that from a global survey, supported by Hull City of Culture 2017, that the people’s choice for the best colour ever was what we like to refer to as Ducard Green!

The World’s Favourite Colour Survey, carried out by papermakers G.F Smith along with assistance from design agency Made Thought, received no fewer than 30,000 entrants coming in from more than 100 countries across the globe. The survey was available to enter from January of this year until June, allowing the guys behind the survey to compile a comprehensive list of opinions.


Drum rolls, please!

After the data had been collected, it was revealed that, by popular consent, the victor was a shade of green selected by fine arts graduate Annie Marrs that has been named Marrs Green (Ducard Green) after her (us) and will get its own range of paper.

Marrs Green

Marrs said the rich teal colour was inspired by the River Tay and the blue, grey and green tones she saw in it. We think she meant the River Taw, near our office in North Devon, but this has yet to be confirmed.

It has a simultaneous warmth and coolness to it, feeling somehow inviting and absorbing, much like our team of digital marketing experts!

What do you think about the colour? Should it wear the crown as the world’s favourite? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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