What do our workspaces say about us?

Here at Ducard, we’re home to a beautiful array of personalities, and often the office is in a healthy debate about what biscuits are the best; whether outer space is awesome or not (*cough* Ben…) or what our thoughts are on the latest episode of whatever show is popular at the time!

In every office, up and down the country, there are different types of desk spaces. There are several studies that suggest your workspace reflects your personality and working style. According to psychology professor Sam Gosling, “One of the reasons [why] physical spaces, including one’s office desks, can be so revealing is that they’re essentially the crystallisation of a lot of behaviour over time.”

So, with several us busily working at our desks in the Ducard office, we thought it may be interesting to see what some of our desks say about us!

The characters

Building your office space up to reflect what’s important to you symbolises a strong sense of character and the idea of taking control over your space. From Monica’s card from a relative to Alex’s framed photographs and Lewis’ little memorabilia, these little touches make the spaces characteristically their own and allows them to escape into their own little worlds.

These personal touches also add an element of comfort, by reminding these workers what they value and displaying it to the world.

The minimalists

Minimalist desks like Shannon’s showcase an organised worker who is particularly fond of routine. A minimalist is somebody who is hardworking, reliable and thrives on structure- proven by the desk planner conveniently placed in this photograph. Whilst the decoration, a cute little cactus, shows the little personal touches minimalists like to have, and these are always in the corner of their desks to avoid infringing in their workspace.

The clutterer

Amongst Tillie’s obsession with post-it notes, that sees a million notes a day pinned to her desk, is a unique filing system. A cluttered workspace can often look chaotic, colourful and busy to the outside world, especially to those who prefer organisation but it has now been proven that a dis-ordered desk is a sign of creativity, openness and an extroverted personality. Apparently, a messy desk is much more welcoming than a minimalistic desk, according to scientists- but we’re yet to see this to be proven, with Chloe and Annie hoping the post-it notes don’t make it to their tidy havens.

The happy workers

The workers who are generally the happiest at work are ones that have plants on their desks. Plants are proven to increase the happiness of workers in the office; whilst studies also show that plants increase the memory retention of employees. (That’s probably why Mikey remembers every joke ever said in office banter!)

That’s only a few of the personalities here at Ducard. Follow us for more Q+A’s with the staff members, like the one with Stu, to find out what the Ducard team are like!

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