What’s in a name?

There is a question we usually get asked here more than most others, and that is: what does Ducard actually mean? Well, those of you who are familiar with DC Comics or the Batman ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy may recognise the name Henri Ducard.

In the comic books, a young Bruce Wayne (Batman’s secret identity for the non-nerdy folk) approaches Mr Ducard whilst in Paris in his early days of travelling the world, seeking training. Ducard is a renowned detective known for his excellent manhunting skills and imparts much of his wisdom to the young, keen Bruce.

Ducard is probably more famous for his appearance in ‘Batman Begins’, portrayed by Liam Neeson. In this version, he trains Bruce Wayne to join the League of Shadows and work under his master Ra’s al Ghul, only for it to be later revealed that Ducard is al Ghul and he plans to destroy the city Wayne grew up in… Heavy.

So why is our SEO company named after this man? Well, if you are seeking a way to improve traffic on your website and higher search engine rankings, we can help you achieve that and even train you to do it for yourself in the future… Or the Director is a massive nerd, we’ll let you decide! You can watch the moment Bruce Wayne discovers Ducard’s plan for Gotham for yourself below:

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