Top Tips For A Happy Workplace

It is scientifically proven that happy people are more productive, and that counts for tasks in your home life, work life or for your hobbies. It is also said to help your concentration, your creativity and your job satisfaction overall. With that in mind, here are a few of our top tips for a happy workplace that you can do both as an employer and as an employee!


1. Stay Hydrated

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, particularly when working in an office or in a laborious job. This is said to be one of the leading causes of concentration loss! So, if you find yourself with a headache on a regular basis, or struggling to keep on task, drinking more water might just help! Aim for 2L a day of refreshing cool water and this will help your body to remove any toxins too!

(If you’ve not already seen, we’re currently running a campaign on Facebook to see if our boss will fill our water cooler with prosecco (temporarily, obviously, because water is very important). So if you’ve not already given our page a cheeky like, then hit that button today!


2. Treat Time

Treats such as cookies, cakes, home bakes or ice pops can do the world of good to a working team. When the sun is shining, our office favours a round of mini Twister or Roundtree’s ice pops to cool off! Then when the rain is pouring, we prefer an indulgent chocolate cookie or a thick shake from the local café! It’s the small things in life that can really boost the moral, so why not take it in turns to treat your team to something sweet once a week?


3. Plants

Plants make people happy: FACT. These incredible organisms help to improve the quality of the air and brighten up any workspace. It doesn’t matter if you go big or small, adding some fresh greenery or flowers to your working environment can certainly make for a happy day! Here at Ducard we particularly favour cactus plants (and yes, we had them before they were trendy!) Small enough to be placed in the corner of our desks, and on special occasions, some of them even bloom with pretty little flowers, we love the cactus!


4. Complementary Comments

Everyone likes to receive a compliment or two every now and then, even over the simplest things. Whether you’re offering congratulations on an announcement or telling someone what a great piece of content they’ve written, every small comment can make a difference and help people to stay focused and motivated!


5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask

A working environment where someone is afraid to ask is simply no good. Ensure that everyone in the team has someone to turn to when they are stuck, we all have those moments and sometimes a slight prompt can help to stop your workflow from being interrupted. Ask for people’s opinion, suggestions and comments regularly to encourage a conversation. If your team struggle with this, weekly meetings might be helpful to help to encourage others to share their questions. You never know, maybe the next best idea will come from question time!


6. Take a Breather

If you get really stuck with a task, why not take a breather? A few minutes away from a tricky task might have you returning fresh faced and full of creativity. Take the time to make a cup of tea, pour a glass of water or enjoy a healthy snack to re-fuel!


7. Socialise!

When people within the workplace actually enjoy each other’s company, it can do a world of good for the overall happiness. Head out for a few drinks after work to introduce a new team member, or enjoy a ladies’ lunch once a month. Getting to know the other people in your workplace will help you to enjoy your days, as well as boosting your confidence if you ever get stuck!

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