Tips for Creating a Successful Business Blog

If you are looking to create a blog to promote your company online, consider these helpful tips to get you started.

In the modern world, an online presence is crucially important. Depending on your business, it might be more important than any physical storefront or may replace it entirely. It’s important that what people see from your company online matches with your beliefs and provides the best platform to captivate and interact with your potential customers. This is why digital marketing is such an important facet of modern business.

With this in mind, many companies now turn to blogs as a way of informing and interacting with their potential online base. Here at Ducard, we are experts at creating high-quality content for business blogs and news feeds, and we have learned many tips and tricks along the way to where we are now. If you are a business looking to create a blog as a method of promotion online, consider some of these helpful tips to get you started.


Host your Blog

If you’re starting from scratch, then the first thing you have to do is create your blog or news feed, and that means finding somewhere for it to call home. Some may find it easier to create an account on a service such as WordPress in the company name and begin typing away. However, you will see more significant benefits if you create a location on your website for it to belong.

At this early stage, it is crucial to understand the core purpose of your blog for your business. Yes, informing and entertaining your customers is a vital part of it, but it is equally important that the blog helps to elevate your company to a higher level of internet authority. By merging the blog with the business site, you will make sure that traffic to your blog is counted as traffic to your company, which is a great way to impress the search engine bugs that choose where to rank you on sites such as Google!


Find the Balance between Selling and Informing

When businesses set up blogs for the first time, their instinctive reaction is to fill it up with press releases, product advertorials and awards nominations. While this is great for your business and may interest regular customers, it is not usually successful at acquiring new visitors. More importantly, search engines often dislike blogs that are seen to promote themselves too much. The importance of quality content on your website cannot be overstated; therefore, it’s important to find a balance between selling yourself and informing your visitors.

An ideal business blog will be less about themselves and more about their knowledge of the sector in which they operate. By showing your unique insider knowledge, not only will you attract a wider audience with an interest in your market, but you will also be seen as an authoritative voice in your industry by search engines. That means that you will begin to rank on sites like Google, which will increase the views for your blog and business, creating a positive spiral for your company!


Post Regularly

Following on from the point above, it’s essential that once you begin to build your audience online – and get into Google’s good books – you continue to create posts frequently. The world of online moves at a much quicker rate than most businesses realise, and any good results won through blogging can be lost even faster.

Regular blogging doesn’t mean that you have to write a smart, intelligent piece every single day. Depending on the competitiveness of your industry, one post a week could be enough to keep you floating along. However, there is no hiding from the fact that the blogs that perform in fits and spurts – a few posts one week, then nothing for a month, for example – will slide away, while those that create quality content on a regular basis will continue to grow!

A woman writing on a laptop with a cup of coffee and a notepad

Running a business often means juggling many different things at once. From chasing invoices and clients to looking after employees, there is always a job to do. This constant management is, often, what makes digital marketing such a complex and demanding issue for many businesses.

Hopefully, this post will help you in the creation of a blog for your company. However, if you would like help with managing the ongoing digital marketing operations of your business, including the creation of high-quality blog content on a regular basis, then get in contact with the team at Ducard today – we can’t wait to get started!


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