The Importance of Social Media to Your SEO Campaign

Social media has changed our world forever. Making us more connected with our friends, family, as well as brands and businesses, social media is an incredible communication tool.

Here at Ducard, these platforms form a key aspect of our SEO campaigns, working to raise brand awareness, increase conversions and to draw visitors to our clients’ websites. For us, social media is an essential part of the digital landscape for us to utilise to get the best results, and today, we’re here to share our thoughts on why social media is SO important today.

Customer Relationship Growth

One of the key reasons to use social media platforms is to maintain and grow customer relationships. Whether you do this by sharing relevant content with them on your page, replying to their questions and queries or by engaging with people in another way, it can lead to heightened social visibility and can help your customers to learn what you’re all about. If you can engage your target audience and encourage them to share your content with their friends, then you could be looking at a fantastic domino effect of generating new relationships and ultimately more conversions. Increasing your social visibility should increase your engagements, website/store visits and can help your organic rankings too!

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

The primary reason we use social media is as a place to share our high-quality content and to get as many people to read each piece as possible. Part of this is because the more a piece of content is engaged with, the more authority it will tend to have in Google’s eyes. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can generate a fantastic level of traffic to your blog and your website from existing customers, as well as new ones. If the engagements on these channels are good, then there is also often the potential for your blog to rank organically for a key search term, bringing even more traffic to your site, and boosting your authority. To explain it in a slightly simpler way, here’s a beautiful diagram!

Sharing Your Story

If you’re a business, people often want to hear your story, and about the people behind the brand. Social media is a fantastic place to do this, as you can meticulously select and create the content that fits best with your values. Whether you want to introduce the members of your team via social media, want to promote your products and services or simply want to ask for advice, the highly connected nature of social media means you can do so with ease. Planning out your content for social media will help you to create a cohesive image and tell your story in the best way possible!

A New Era For Search

Search is an ever-changing environment as consumer habits change. With voice and image search predicted to rapidly take off over the next few years, social searching is something that isn’t spoken about quite so frequently. How many times have you searched for a brand, product or service on social media? Often, particularly for local businesses such as hairdressers, social platforms are the first place people search to find what they’re looking for. If your page is filled with relevant, engaging images, glowing reviews and the information you think your customers will need, then you have a better chance of them using your business!

We’ve only picked out three key reasons why social media is an essential part of your SEO campaign, but there are so many other factors that add to this. We recommend using the main platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+, and the best platform for your business will often depend on what you’re offering and who your target demographic are. If you’d like to know more about our SEO services and how social media plays a part in this, then get in contact today!

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