The Best Free Content Tools Available

Content marketing, in a basic form, is creating something people will find interesting and adds value to a wider conversation. Making your content stand out can be made easier with free tools easily accessible on the internet. Using high-quality free images or creating a quirky infographic can make your latest blog post gain much more traction, increasing conversion rates, and having a very positive outcome for your site altogether.

At Ducard, our team uses several free tools for producing high-quality content – here are just a few you can make use of below:


Copyright Free, Quality Images

Including images on content is shown to increase interest in the post, and helps to increase the time people will spend reading it. When writing your blog, it is important you use copyright free images, instead of grabbing anything from a Google image search, and to credit images when required. There are several websites where you can download high-quality stock images for free – no credit required, that add an extra appeal to your content. Use Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels. These sites have huge databases of images which are free to use for both personal and commercial use – the only trick is getting the right word or phrase to search with to find the image you want! Naturally, it’s best to use your own photos where possible to engage your audience and show off the best of your products and services, but we know that this isn’t always an option, so these tools are the next best free thing!



A social post for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or an infographic on your blog is helpful for content and promoting your site and brand, and very easy to make – especially if you have a creative flair! Canva is a free graphic-design tool, using a drop-and-drag set up to help you create all types of graphics for social media, blogs and logos. You can start from scratch to create your own design, or use a template, which gives you some structure if you are unsure of where to start. Piktochart is another site we use, also completely free! All you need to do is create an account and get started!


Grammar Checks

Everyone should have a proofreader in place when it comes to writing content; a fresh set of eyes can pick up on a misspelt word, a missing apostrophe or help you find a better word for ‘great’ (brilliant, excellent, stunning, wonderful, fantastic…). If you don’t have a person readily available to proof your work, then Grammarly is the best option. A ‘cloud-based English language writing-enhancement platform,’ Grammarly helps you with your grammar. The tool can be used for correcting punctuation, widening your vocabulary and checks capitalising and spacing. You can also use it to check for plagiarism against billions of other websites to make sure it is original.


Interactive Content

A quiz is a fantastic piece of alternate content that helps engage your audience in a different way to how they might have been before and is something that can be shared and promoted several times after you first write it. An online tool is required to create a quiz, and Playbuzz is the best option. The platform is used by many brand agencies and content creators to produce content in an interactive format – quizzes, lists, polls, slideshows and much more. You can be very inventive with the content you create, and it is also a lot of fun building a quiz and seeing people interact with it on your blog and social media.


Scheduling Tools

Like with everything in life, you don’t always have time to give content and social media your full attention. The best solution is getting it done in one go, then scheduling your work to filter out over your blog or social media. Hootsuite is a social media management tool, which enables you to schedule tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook statuses and more from one place. Using a dashboard feature, so you can see your feed, messages and your own posts altogether; Hootsuite is a useful tool that enables you to do more with your social media, and will stop it from getting on top of you. However, for Facebook, we always recommend using their own scheduling services for the best results!


Content Ideas

Content ideas don’t always come easy, and there are tools available to give you an idea on where to start. At Ducard, we have used AnswerThePublic, which helps content creators and marketers identify the best topics for content based on a keyword. It works in a similar but opposite way to Google’s auto-complete tool; simply search for a keyword or phrase, it will generate questions, prepositions and comparisons based on that word, giving you ideas for content. Jot down the ideas that it brings up and you can have several content ideas ready for when you next come to write!


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