Team Building Ideas for the Office

Here at Ducard, we pride ourselves on the high-quality staff we have as we believe this is what differentiates us from our competitors. However, if these individuals aren’t working well as part of a team, this could negatively impact the business. By working together and combining individual skills and ideas, staff can help build a business up and make it thrive.

To help achieve this, Ducard takes part in team-building activities to increase motivation and encourage staff to work co-operatively. There are many benefits of carrying these non-work related activities out. These include improving productivity, encouraging creativity and enhancing the team’s communication. Although these sound like a great way to boost morale, it can often be difficult to come up with ideas that everyone wants to get on board with. To overcome this, we’ve put together a list of some team building activities to ensure your staff are bringing their A-game!


In-Office Quiz


Team building days don’t have to be expensive. Some don’t even require the team to leave their desks! Fun activities such as a team quiz can be carried out from the comfort of the office, which may appeal to staff members. This can be a nice break from work and a great way to collaborate thoughts and work together in different teams. At Ducard, we make sure that members are placed with people they don’t usually work with in the hope that all staff members will feel more comfortable with everybody in the office.




Throughout the summer, Ducard has been taking part in their very own bake-off. Each week different staff members have been baking in different categories, and the rest of the office have been voting on each bake’s texture, taste, presentation and level of creativity. The winners of each heat are put through to the semi-final to battle it out to make the final cut. This final will involve a ‘showstopper’ bake and help Ducard crown their very own bake-off winner with a top prize up for grabs. As well as something fun for the office to take part in, the office also has the opportunity to bond over tasty home-made treats. Sounds like a win-win to us!


Close-up of chocolate-cupcakes with icing


Charity Team Day


Give something back to the community while encouraging team participation with a charity team day out! These can range from helping local businesses with maintenance such as gardening or painting to raising money for a charity. The office will feel like they are doing good as well as being valued for their hard work as each individual will contribute to the end result. This, in turn, could boost team morale and help them work together more effectively.  


Close up someone planting a plant


Escape Room


Escape rooms have taken the team-building craze by storm as players have to work together to solve the room’s mystery. This encourages team participation as well as bonding as each staff member will share a common goal – to escape! To add a competitive edge, an incentive could be offered for the team who gets out in the fastest time, meaning staff will have to work in cohesion with one another to win the prize!


Cooking Masterclass


We all know the working day here at Ducard is heavily revolved around when we can next eat, so what better way to bond than over food? Have a look at restaurants that offer this in your local area and get stuck in with your colleagues. Cooking masterclasses can vary from each place but they usually involve learning how to make some delicious foods such as pizza or cupcakes. This is usually followed by eating what you have created, which we personally think is the best part! This team bonding activity is a great way to get out of the office and keep staff motivation levels high – after all, everyone loves a bit of free food, right? Which brings us nicely onto the next activity.


A man and woman helping each other cook something 

Team Lunch


A team lunch is a great way to naturally encourage group conversation while enjoying a delicious lunch. As it’s carried out in staff break time, staff may be more enthusiastic about taking part as it wouldn’t feel like ‘forced fun’ and they wouldn’t get behind on their workload. Being taken out for lunch by an employer can make any staff member feel valued and appreciated.


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