Social Media Trends in 2020: What's Predicted?

A strong social media presence is an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting your brand. The landscape for digital sharing platforms is continually evolving and shifting to adopt new trends and updates. It is essential to stay ahead of the curve to ensure your social marketing strategy is working effectively and helping your business to grow and gain revenue. At Ducard, we like to stay at the forefront of social media developments and trends, to make sure our clients’ social campaigns are perfectly on the pulse. With this in mind, we’re taking a look into the future, to see what 2020 has in store for us (and you).


Video Content Will Reign Supreme

2019 saw the rapid growth of video content across all social media channels, and it quickly became the most engaging and promotable format. For 2020, and indeed the foreseeable forecast, video content will continue to dominate the digital social landscape. Live videos including Q&As and how-tos are also a part of this, and for promotional purposes, industry experts and advice will be key.


Instagram to Remove Likes

It is likely that by now, you will have seen the news that Instagram plans to hide the ‘like’ button from view. The decision was made after the platform received heavy criticism over the possible mental health effects the site has on its audience, particularly young people. Instagram began rolling out its trial in 2019 and may make the changes globally this year. Such a significant change has sparked wide controversy, with people for the idea arguing that the decision will reduce the mental health effects of gaining personal validation via social media. Those opposed say that it will have a considerable effect on how brands measure the impact of their campaigns and push them towards more paid ads. One thing we can be sure about is that if Instagram decides to make the change, we will see huge adjustments in the way companies and brands use the platform, particularly when it comes to influencer marketing.

lit up instagram button showing zero likes

Stories and Ephemeral Content Will Continue to Grow

Ephemeral content is content that is only available for a short duration, for example, Instagram stories and Snapchat. This type of content has proven particularly popular, cashing in on the short attention spans of those using social media. As more brands begin to add ephemeral content to their marketing strategies, we can expect to see it grow bigger than ever.


Alternative Platforms are Set to Rise

Niche social platforms targeting young people, businesses and gamers have been gaining momentum in the years leading up to 2020. One such site is video platform TikTok, which is rapidly expanding with both organic users and with marketing interest from brands targeting a young audience. Creative content and a good understanding of the target market will be necessary here.

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Social Commerce Will Expand

In-app purchasing and shopping on social channels are expected to become more mainstream, as apps such as Facebook and Pinterest continue to build their pro-sell features such as shoppable posts. Brands will be looking to create attractive campaigns to entice buyers to make instant online purchases.


The Introduction of AR and VR

When technologies evolve and grow, social media follows suit. As virtual reality (VR) begins to develop, the demand for using it on social platforms will increase. Facebook has already started reacting to this with its formation of Horizon, a social VR world in which users can chat, explore and game.

Augmented reality (AR) has already seen some huge popularity, with several major platforms adopting AR filters in order to engage and enhance user experience.


User-Generated Content to Promote Authenticity and Trust

After several years of uncontrolled data collection and sharing of personal data, consumers are more sceptical than ever of how they interact with brands, both in terms of sharing data and the way they are targeted with ads. Fortunately, several laws now add much more protection to customer data and transparency. The effect will be brands looking to build trust with their customers; one very engaging way to do this is via user-generated content.

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