Why Your Company Should Join the Three Billion Social Media Users

In a newly published report released by We Are Social and Hootsuite, it has been revealed that 40% of the population are active social media users. The staggering number, which now sits at 3.028 billion people worldwide, doesn’t show any signs of declining either. In fact, an additional one million people sign up for accounts across social media platforms each day!

The findings of We Are Social and Hootsuite’s reports document the quarterly progress of worldwide internet users. The Global Statshot: Digital in Q3 2017 provides insight into the usage of internet, social media and mobile phones and shows information on their users.

Since April, the findings have shown that an increase of 4% of the population, 121 million extra people, have created accounts and are regularly accessing them. With this steady increase, We Are Social and Hootsuite predicts that soon enough, half of the world’s entire population will be logging on.

It seems that accessing the internet and viewing social media accounts from mobile phones is an increasing trend, too. Currently, the number of internet users sits at around 3.819 billion people. Out of this demographic, a whopping 92% of this group use their mobiles to use the internet. Since April, there has even been an increase of 92 million more people who have been using mobile phones, with 82 million of these using them for social media purposes.

Frontrunner Facebook has the largest amount of monthly average users, with over two billion people checking out the site but, in addition to this, 59% of their users view it daily. However, the findings of the report also suggest that the vast majority of this population, 87% of people, are viewing the platform via their mobiles.

So, how can incorporating social media into your marketing strategy help you with your SEO? Creating a presence on social media will benefit your company greatly. By establishing a platform that your customers and clients can regularly view and engage with will contribute to the customer building up trust for your brand. It is the formation of trust that can help your company grow, and extend its client base. In addition to this, the formation of a brand identity will set your brand apart from competitors and will place your company into a position of authority.

With the increase of social media users reaching 40% of the world’s population, creating a social presence for your company will ultimately help increase your engagement with content, too. If you manage to create a steady following across several social media platforms, you can expect to see a higher engagement rate with your content, which should increase your audience and the traffic to your website.

Another way in which this can increase your audience is by showing up higher in organic search results. Each day, Google process over 3.5 billion searches, so by creating platforms across social media networks, you’re increasing your chances of appearing higher up in search results. The more views that your accounts receive, the higher up they will move. This will drive more traffic to these pages and increase your reach.

The findings of the study conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite only show signs of social media usage increasing, so why not consider upping your own social media strategy? If the idea of that sounds daunting, feel free to get in touch to find out how we could help!

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