SEO Essentials People STILL Don’t Get

Let’s be honest; if you asked most people in the street what SEO was, they wouldn’t know. But if you’re a business with a website, then it should be your best interest to know. It’s 2018 and SEO is absolutely essential if you want to maximise your online platform to help your business succeed.

With the help of SEO, when done right, you can find yourself climbing the rankings for things people would search for that relate to the products you sell, or the business in general.

It’s not magic; anyone can do it if you know what you’re doing. However, many business owners, particularly SMEs, do not have the time and resources to be able to implement a sustainable SEO campaign. This is where companies like us here at Ducard come in. In this latest feature, we’ll be looking at some of the things that newcomers and those who aren’t as clued up as they should still don’t grasp about SEO. This is both informative and a bit of a chance for a moan, in true British style!

Here goes…


SEO Is Not an Overnight Phenomenon

It’s understandable that businesses want to see results; that’s a given. But what is a massive misconception and quite frustrating for those who work in the SEO industry is that SEO doesn’t happen in an instant. To make this as stripped back as possible, it’s like building a house:

You need to lay the foundations; this is the onsite audit or “health check” of the website. Then you can start the initial building; this is the keyword research and updating the landing page’s title tags, meta descriptions, etc. Next up, is some more building; that’s tweaking/rewriting the landing page copy. Once everything is in place, you can start to decorate; that’s writing regular blog posts. Then, once you’re all moved into your attractive new house that people want to see, you will need to keep up with the times; that’s sharing the regular blog posts you produce across social media platforms. While doing all of this, you will still want to make sure you are keeping an eye on any further onsite changes that might be needed to the site. In a nutshell, this is how SEO works, and just like building a house, it takes time, so patience is essential, however frustrating that may be.


A Blog Post is Just for Christmas, Not Life

If you think that posting the odd blog post on your website every 3-4 months and sticking a link in it is acceptable, then you’d be mistaken. Okay, it’s better than nothing at all, but to really see some benefits of having regular content posted and shared on social media, you need to be on top of blog writing frequencies. This is imperative to you gaining more visibility on your website. Google’s much more likely to source another website in your sector and rank it above yours if it has regular, up-to-date blog content posted on it, rather than one chucked on every now and then, “because you know you should”. You wouldn’t turn into Arnie if you went to the gym once every six months; it takes work, and this applies to blog content too. If this is too much work, then finding SEO services is often a fruitful option, as SEO companies are equipped to handle all of your content creation needs.


Long-Tail Keywords Are Your Friends Too!

It’s not just about picking and sticking with the primary, short-tail keywords. For effective optimisation campaigns, adopting techniques that include long-tail keywords are required as well. Think of it this way; if someone was searching for something on Google, they’re often quite likely to enter a full question or sentence as opposed to a couple of words.

We’re not saying that long-tail keywords should become a kind of primary focus, but there should be a nice blend of the two – long and short-tail keywords – to utilise SEO in the best possible way for your business. Finding an SEO agency is always an advisable move, as they are experienced in this kind of thing and possess the skills required that you can tap in to.


Quality Links Only – Don’t Lower Yourself

Google is evolving constantly, and whereas before it wasn’t that great at spotting black hat methods etc., it’s now pretty quick to spot spam when it sees it. This means that if you are linking from another site to yours – this is common and also very useful – it’s vital to be able to do this only from other quality, relevant websites. Gone are the days of link farms, and if you’re tempted to use the quick option, you WILL be penalised, and you could even see your business fall out of the listings completely. If your site sells desk fans, then a link coming from a t-shirt website is not relevant, and is no good to you – Google will know, and it will count against you.


Mobile Compatibility is Key

Come on people; it’s 2018! If you haven’t got your SEO strategy running in cohesion with mobile compatibility, then you’re seriously missing a trick. You can get everything else in place and running smoothly, but forget about mobile compatibility at your peril. If your website is struggling to load on a smartphone or tablet, then Google will be more inclined to look to other sites that do have mobile optimisation in place and give them more authority over yours. The majority of websites have a simple mobile compatibility option that automatically reformats the site, allowing content to be viewed easily on a smart device.

What we’re saying here is that, as with most things in life, there’s a quick way of doing things and then there’s the right way. Adopt the quick solution, and you’ll find that this is often where you will benefit the least. Invest resource in a solid SEO campaign, and you’ll reap the rewards. Don’t be swayed by those claiming to be able to offer you a magical quick-fix; a good SEO campaign is more of a tortoise effect, rather than the hare.

If you feel that your business needs the help of SEO services, or you would like to find out more about what we can do to help your marketing campaign, then get in touch with us here at Ducard today.

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