RED Box Vape

Case Study

RED Box Vape is a vaping and e-liquid retailer

RED Box Vape is a vaping and e-liquid retailer with both physical high street shops and an ecommerce website. They first started with Ducard in August 2020 during a particularly turbulent year for online and physical retail.  RED Box’s primary focus was to recover previous ecommerce performance that they had seen earlier in the year which had since deteriorated. Our objective was to bring more custom to the website while retaining current loyal customers that had moved to website purchases during to the pandemic. We also wanted to boost their conversion rate on the site, ensuring more of the website visitors became customers.

Ducard Approach

RED Box Vape is a relatively new brand on the high street, having been founded in 2018. This presented a great opportunity for us to work with the brand to create a campaign that suited their needs. Our work involved the following:  Reviewing user experience on the site to ensure that the path to purchase was as simple and clean.  Map out an outreach campaign that would both drive traffic to the website and improve brand recognition. 

With vape e-liquid retailers sourcing products from the same suppliers, they would often replicate the product copy on their own possible. We reviewed both mobile and desktop experiences, ensuring that all stages of the purchase process were as simple as possible.  Using social media as a tool to increase the brand profile and to create a two way engagement between customers and the brandTo counter this, we created fresh copy for key landing and product pages allowing it to rank without worry of duplication.  We also looked to employ a blog content campaign for them, creating fresh weekly articles on various aspects of the industry.


One of the primary challenges for the RED Box Vape campaign was the proliferation of the e-liquid marketplace, with many small companies having been set up in the last few years. Generally speaking, these companies were small and often set up by one or two people who would cut corners and use copy from competitor websites. Because of this, RED Box Vape had copy on the website that had been used by others, creating a plagiarism issue. To rectify this, we created new category and product copy templates to allow them to have unique copy on their website in the most important places.

Another challenge which we faced with the campaign and continue to face is the prohibiting of using any paid advertising on platforms such as Google or Facebook. Where for other products or services, it’s possible to advertise using a paid system, RED Box Vape is restricted to nonpaid posts and campaigns. This means that we had to look for other ways to increase audience engagement and customer retention.  Our on-site SEO work in the first few months laid strong foundations for the campaign, making sure that we had everything we needed in place to build from. RED Box have seen an almost immediate improvement to their organic traffic, revenue and conversion rate.


We have seen some strong initial results from the RED Box Vape campaign, with a little work going a long way in the early stages. The ranking positions for the brand continue to improve month on month, thanks to the unique, authoritative content being produced by our team of writers.


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