Havana House Cigar Merchants

Case Study

Our goal was to build online sales

Havana House is a UK-based cigar merchant operating from their online store and eight shops across the country. As well as stocking a wide range of cigars from around the world, Havana House also offers a selection of cigar accessories, pipes, whiskies and shaving products. We have been working with Havana House since November 2015.

When we began working with Havana House, the website was the lowest performing area of their business, which included a portfolio of six brick-and-mortar stores. Our goal was to build online sales. Currently, the performance of the online store outstrips the performance of all the physical stores combined, with orders being placed from across the globe.

Ducard Approach

Our priority for Havana House was to get them ranking for medium to long tail search terms relevant to their industry. This involved us designing a content strategy that would suit their business and maximise the coverage of our content. Using a range of listicles, in-depth articles, how-to’s and infographics, we began to

therefore, we needed to carry out in-depth research to create copy for each brand page, along with optimising for SEO. The title tags and meta descriptions were also optimised for best performance within SERPs. see quick improvements to their organic traffic, being driven by the blog. We also looked to create unique landing page content for the website, as much of it had been plagiarised from similar sellers. There are many different brands within the cigar industry; To support the content strategy, an outreach campaign was run alongside to increase the linking profile of the website and develop the website’s domain authority. We continue to work to develop the linking into the site to increase the overall authority and the authority of pages within.


During the first six months of the campaign, we saw a 100% rise in organic traffic, and by the end of the year, we had doubled the turnover. Happy with the work completed, Havana House moved to a level three package, and revenue was again doubled the following year. The website continues to bring in far more revenue than the combined earnings of the stores, proving the worth of our campaign.

Content shared continues to perform well, with high-performing pieces now ranking as snippets, further increasing the likelihood of gaining clicks. In addition to this, guest writing for popular blogs and our social media presence has extended our reach for Havana House and continues to introduce the brand to new audiences.


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