Our Time at Brighton SEO

Everyone is back in the office after a very busy weekend at Brighton last week. Whilst the half of the office that remained missed us dearly, the half that did go are only just recovering! BrightonSEO has been a little bit of whirlwind, full of innovative ideas, advantageous advice and a couple of work drinks that ended up with us mingling with some other BrightonSEO’ers!


What is BrightonSEO?

Beginning as a conversation in a pub, BrightonSEO is now one of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the UK, bringing together those in digital marketing, PR and advertising roles to share their experiences and knowledge of the marketing industry.

For the few short years that BrightonSEO has been around, the event has grown in popularity year-on-year. Offering hands-on and detailed advice on the current state of digital marketing, every attendee of the conference goes away with a new perspective on SEO.

Ducard at BrightonSEO

We make it our aim to take a couple of members of our team to each BrightonSEO conference so that we can translate the current practices and predictions into our own strategies; and like every conference, this one did not disappoint!

Below, we catch up with some of the team members who made the journey from Devon to Brighton, and back again! Read on to find out what these guys thought about the event and discover their favourite talks:

So, let’s start with the main man himself, Director Joe. Since starting his company several years ago when he wanted to utilise his years of experience in SEO into his own ethical company, Ducard has expanded dramatically, taking on board a number of SME’s from a variety of industries. Joe has compiled a hard-working team to help support multiple companies in their efforts to improve their visibility online.

Commenting on the conference, Joe said:

“I thought BrightonSEO this year delivered far more in-depth talks than previously, with some delving into the trickier onsite, or analysis of SEO, which I enjoyed. This year most of my key takeaways came from Tim Stewart’s seminar on using your analytics to increase conversion. There were two or three very clever tips and ideas which I will implement on many of our clients over the next 6 months.”

Hayley has been with our team for eight months now. In this time, she has excelled as one of our content writers, producing engaging work for clients from a wealth of industries. At the start of her employment, Hayley did not have any experience in SEO; however, within her time here she has learnt a wealth of SEO knowledge that she is currently implementing in her current role in Client Services.

Talking about her time at Brighton SEO, Hayley said:

“As I am relatively new to SEO, for me, attending the conference provided the opportunity to put the work we do here into perspective. It was great to see so many people in the industry, with so many specialists contributing to what we do. Many of the seminars I attended were focused on large corporations and how they manage their SEO, whereas we handle SME’s; it was interesting to see how the strategies and requirements adapted for much larger companies, but the information was still relevant and useful to apply to the smaller businesses we work with. My favourite talk was the Google Tag Manager by Sebastien Monnie, mainly because it seems like a useful tool when working with complex CMS’s or businesses without an active web developer.”

Annie, our in-house writer/pun-spinner, has been with us for ten months and created some fantastic pieces for some of our top clients. Taking on more responsibility, she now heads up our social team, where she researches the adaptions in social media trends and implements these within the social media profiles of our clients, in addition to the day-to-day management. She was particularly excited to make the trip to Brighton to hear what the social experts had to say.

“I enjoyed Brighton SEO last week and found many of the talks insightful and innovative when it comes to digital marketing. I particularly enjoyed learning more about paid social, which looked at the best ways to target your audiences. Susan Wenograd’s ideas about hot and cold audiences and how to target them was particularly informative and something I will consider when looking to create Facebook campaigns in the future. I also thought that Mindy Gofton made some great points about creating useful content and highlighted a useful word tool that I’d like to try out. It was great to meet some other people in the industry, and I hope to make the most out of what I learnt over the next few months.”

Tillie is the Head of Content here at Ducard. She has been with the company for just over a year, where she has worked within a number of departments within the company. She brings her knowledge of marketing practices to the team, and works closely with clients and team members to plan engaging content:

“Brighton SEO was a worthwhile experience for every team member of Ducard lucky enough to go. I found my talks particularly insightful, and they offered plenty of points that I will use for the processes and structure of the business. There were plenty of talks that I attended that offered invaluable advice, so it is difficult to pinpoint my favourites. If I had to choose, I would say Amy Harrison and Andi Jarvis win the competition for producing a couple of belly laughs from the audience (myself included)! It’s one thing standing up in front of a crowd and imparting your expert knowledge, and it’s another making the talk so engaging that it is memorable for days, weeks and years to come! I had an amazing time at BrightonSEO, learning more about digital marketing and networking with some inspirational people.”

Chloe is our in-house outreach specialist, joining our team around 11 months ago…How the time flies by! Chloe loves nothing more than networking and reaching out to external website representatives and bloggers to build up the profile of our clients. Her ability to find beneficial placements for our clients is invaluable to our efforts in digital marketing. This year’s talks offered some particularly great tips and tricks for outreach, and here is what Chloe had to say about the conference:

“BrightonSEO is always such a rewarding experience as you can learn so much new information which you can implement in your job role. My favourite talk this year was ‘Righteous tips for building totally excellent local links’ by Greg Gifford. I found this particularly interesting as this is something I have considered before. As well as his talk having a lot of humour and all his slides were based on 80’s movies, the points he made are something we can think about and implement in the future.”

We are now working towards compiling the insights gained through this conference and applying these to our clients and our own business. And although BrightonSEO is over for this year, we are already looking forward to the next one! Till next year Brighton!

If you would like to know more about the event, or even go to it yourself, you can find all the information you need on the official BrightonSEO website here.

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