Meet The Team – Questions For Hayley

Hayley is such an integral part of the Ducard team so we thought we would ask her a few questions to find out more about her!


What is your favourite part of working at Ducard?


I’m always busy. Probably an odd thing to say as my favourite but it’s true. There’s always something to do and my days go so quickly! I weirdly like the pressure of having to get things done by a certain time and doing it well. I think my brain functions a lot better when it’s like that. It seems pretty nerdy saying it!

Content is also high up on the list; when you’ve got your headphones in and can get a bit lost in writing a blog piece, it doesn’t feel much like work at all. Plus, you get to learn new things every day through research, lots of random facts. I would’ve thought it would improve my general knowledge, but that’s still awful – you definitely don’t want me on your team for a pub quiz. I’ve learnt a lot about Wales, France and Italy, they all look like incredible holiday destinations!


What do you do in your day-to-day role?


It’s quite varied, which is nice. I always start the day with a list of things to do but often get sidetracked when priority tasks come up in the office that I have to help out with. Planning schedules, talking with clients, so many emails. It’s difficult to say exactly what I do day to day as it often changes!


How has your career progressed over the years?


My role has changed quite a bit since starting here. I began as an SEO Executive after being a PR exec for our local theatre. I think I quickly realised that that side of SEO wasn’t the best match for me. I am glad I began in that role though, as it’s given me a great overview and source of knowledge which can be applied to the role that I have now, so it was a really helpful progression.


What have you learned from Ducard that will stay with you forever?


That’s a tricky question. I’ve learnt so much, and I hope that it will hopefully stay with me for at least a while. You’re always learning in digital marketing as it’s always changing!


What is your dream job?


I haven’t really fantasised about a ‘dream job’. Maybe a florist, I LOVE flowers – they’re all so different and sooo many beautiful colours. I often think it would be doing something outside, but then I remember it’s the UK, and rains quite a bit and that would put me off. I’ve always wanted to work for an environmental charity but that would likely mean I’d have to move to a big scary city and that is not for me! I love where I live, having the beach, moors, rivers, woodlands all on my doorstep.


What’s your favourite TV show at the moment?


There’s nothing at the moment that I’m really into – recommendations welcome! I’ve recently finished watching Mr Robot, on Amazon. The trailer didn’t seem like something I would be into, but it had a few really unexpected plot twists and kept me hooked throughout each series. I’m sad Game of Thrones has ended, like most of the world. What is life after GOT? I’m looking forward to the return of Taboo and Peaky Blinders!


What kind of music are you into?


It varies so much, depends on what mood I’m in, the day, where I am, what I’m doing. When I’m at work, it can’t be anything to wild as it can be distracting so usually quite chill beats, I love Bonobo, Quantic, FKJ, Thievery Corporation, Bedouin Soundclash and a bit of hip hop – Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla (instrumental), Lauryn Hill. My ‘get stuff done’ album at work is ‘a piece of strange’ by Cunninlynguists, I always go to it when I need to really concentrate, I don’t want to know how many times I’ve listened to it. If I’m not at work, a little more singing and a faster tempo is welcomed. I’d say my favourites at the minute would be Alice Russell, Cosmo Sheldrake and Fat Freddy’s Drop – SO. MUCH. SOUL.


What quote do you live your life by and why?


I couldn’t say I have one, none spring to mind! I’d be interested to know if anyone in the office does and what they are! My unintentionally favourite words – unintentional because I say them all the time and have absolutely no idea why – are crikey and blimey. Versatile words, useful in a lot of situations, whether it’s good, bad or anywhere in between!


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Hayley a bit more – look out for more interviews with the Ducard team and posts on how to improve your websites through SEO, content and social media!

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