Meet the Team: Joe – Managing Director

As Ducard has recently celebrated its fifth year in business, there is no better time to delve into the beginnings of Ducard and how the Managing Director, Joe, got the business to where it is today.

Starting from a two-man team, the company has gone on from strength to strength and now has a versatile, dedicated and enthusiastic team of 15 who specialise in search marketing, working with clients from a broad range of industries. Let us share with you an insight into how the Ducard we know today, organically grew to the national-level company it is now.

What Was Your Career Path Before Starting Ducard?

I left North Devon for London at 18 and ended up working as a marketing executive at a content company in Canary Wharf; this is how I stumbled into the world of SEO. When I returned home eight years later I worked for a national marketing agency who had a head office in North Devon, they allowed me to grow their SEO department and three years later I decided to try and do it for myself and Ducard was born!


What Motivates You as a Company Director?

New ideas. When one of the team comes up with a better way of doing something, or a brand-new idea to try in any of the ways we approach our marketing.


What Would You Say Your Strengths Are?

Finding good employees to take the business forward.


And Weaknesses?

Getting to work on time.


What is the Favourite Thing About Your Job?

Not having to get to work on time!


What is the Worst Thing About It?

Accounts and admin. It’s never been a strong suit of mine, and there is no getting away from it when you run a company.


What Features Would You Say Makes a Strong Team?

Good communication (it’s a cliché, but it’s absolutely true) between the team is key and making sure everyone is able to contribute their strengths and feel free to express ideas. That, and multiple air conditioners so the temperature can vary in different parts of the office!


What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge Having Your Own Business and How Have You Overcome It?

It’s extremely difficult to bring in new clients at the start of a new business. You have no track record with the current company, and you have to sell yourself as much as the work. We found some good clients in the first 12 months that took a chance with us in our early stage and that led to us being able to show what we could achieve in a short space of time which helped to bring on the rest.


Where Do You See Yourself and Ducard in Five Years’ Time?

Hopefully, we continue to grow in the same way, and North Devon can become the South West hub for online marketing. If not, then I reckon we could make quite a decent netball or rounders team and make a run at the UK championships!


Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming interviews with the rest of our fantastic team and get an insight into the day to day of the people who work to make your campaign so successful. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call, we are always happy to have a chat!

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