Interview with our Outreach Specialist Chloe!

Learn more about our team at Ducard by checking out our latest interview from our Head of Outreach, Chloe! These questions will fill you in with lots of interesting facts about life outside of work to questions about her job here at Ducard!


What is your favourite part of working at Ducard?

One of my favourite things about working at Ducard is the variety of work I get to do. One minute I am writing content, the next I am looking into new outreach strategies.


What is outreach and why do you enjoy it?

Outreach is all about helping to tell a brands story through other people such as bloggers, online publications and websites. By doing this, we help reach an audience for our clients who may not have heard of them before.

I enjoy outreach as I get to work with such a variety of people such as bloggers and build strong relationships. It is a great feeling to see how well a campaign has worked and see the benefits from it.


Is there something you have learned from working at Ducard that will stay with you?

Before I worked at Ducard, I had no idea what SEO even was, and since starting my role here, I have honestly learnt so much about it and the different factors that go into making a website rank. I would probably say that SEO as a whole, and if I ever end up doing anything else, I don’t think I will ever forget about it!


As a blogger, what are top tips for working with other bloggers?

If you are a brand who is looking to work with bloggers in any way, you should make sure that their audience is similar to yours, as you don’t want to target people who have no interest in what you are offering. Many bloggers are always happy to help with brand awareness, whether that is through a social post, guest post or a product review and will be a lot of effort in to make sure your brand is heard.

My tips would be to see how engaging their audience is as in the world of bots, fake followers and more (especially on Instagram) it is hard to see who is legit. Someone might have 50K followers on Instagram, but if no-one is engaging in their content, that should be a red flag!

Chloe at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour

What is something all bloggers should know?

As I work within the SEO sector, I knew that I needed to optimise my content, but I think a lot of bloggers don’t think too much about this! Make sure you are including alt tags, title tags, meta descriptions and internally link your content! You can find Chloe’s blog over at Chloe Talks!


What is your favourite social media platform for building a brand?

It really depends on what the brands’ goals are and their target audience. However, I am a huge fan on Instagram at the moment, and I think it is great for all businesses as your audience can often get to know the people behind the brand.


How has your career progressed?

Over the last few years, my career has changed drastically as I started out as an accounts assistant, then worked at a property surveyor doing social media and admin duties, then became a home carer whilst doing admin at the same time. I have tried a lot of different things as I never really knew what I wanted to do, but I’m pretty confident that what I do now, I will be doing for the rest of my working life!


What is your favourite TV show right now?

I have just finished re-watching Game of Thrones, and that is probably my favourite show of all time. I have been watching a lot of true crime documentaries too; completely obsessed!


Where would you go on holiday tomorrow if money was no issue?

Cayo Coco in Cuba; I have been there three times already when I was younger and had some great family memories of that destination.


What music motivates you?

I’m a huge pop-punk fan and don’t go one day without listening to blink-182 so it will have to be anything by them (preferably when Tom DeLonge was still part of it)! 


We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Chloe! If you want to find out more about the work we do at Ducard and how we can help improve your website’s rankings and social media output, get in touch with us today!


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