Interview with Head of SEO Leah

Get to know the Ducard team better by reading our interview with the Head of SEO, Leah. She is such an important part of Ducard and we hope you enjoy finding out more about her just as much as we did!


Why did you choose a career in SEO?

It wasn’t so much a choice, more an area of digital marketing where I was most drawn. I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing when I was eighteen, but it was originally PPC that I was hoping to work on. I got a job as a marketing assistant, which was pretty diverse, and over the years moved to the digital marketing department, then to SEO, and now I’m here!


What are your SEO top tips?

Empathy and constant research.
Putting yourself in other’s shoes is the most important element to a marketing strategy. Once you grasp what your audience wants, you can more effectively reach those users.
With SEO, the technology is always evolving, so keeping up to date with industry professionals is vital. There are certain fundamentals to SEO that are unchanging (the theory of SEO), but the tactics we use to optimise can change regularly because search engines are always tweaking the algorithm and how it understands and uses the information on a results page.


What’s your favourite part about working at Ducard?

The variety. Although my title has “SEO” in it, I can be working on all sorts in different areas, from art-working marketing materials to giving talks on Facebook advertising. Never a dull day! (I like working on spreadsheets, though, so perhaps my opinion on what’s exciting is warped).


And what have you learnt since working here?

How to troubleshoot computers? I’m usually called upon when there’s something wrong, so I’ve learned how to fix a whole catalogue of issues and try my best not to say “turn it off and on again”.


What is your dream job (except digital marketing, of course!)?

To be Nigella Lawson. That’s it.


What kind of music are you into?

All sorts. It depends on my mood. I like cheesy pop, hip hop, jazz, classical, old and new. The list goes on! But if you want to know what I’m listening to now, you can check it out here:

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Binge-watching TV series, being battered by my toddler niece and nephew, attempting and failing at baking; but recently, it’s been driving. I’ve just passed my test and bought my first car, so I’ve been going out at any chance I get. I’m still pretty nervous, so I’ve had to tell passengers off for getting too loud and animated while I’m trying to concentrate.


What is your favourite TV show right now?

Handmaid’s Tale. Season three has been a bit iffy, and sometimes the story feels a little too close to reality, but I love the actors and plot and the soundtrack. Definitely recommend it for anyone’s watch list!


How do you think your colleagues would describe you in three words?

Almost always tired? Loves drinking Coke?



We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Leah a little more. To find out more about the work we do and how we can help improve your website’s rankings and social media output, get in touch with us today!

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