How do you have your eggs in the morning?

Food is a popular topic of conversation in the Ducard office, and almost every day there are discussions about the best biscuits for dunking in your tea, who would rather eat veg or meat for the rest of their life and the all-important question, what we are having for dinner that night.

One recent conversation, which caused much debate and hilarity was ‘How do you have your eggs in the morning?’. Read on below to discover the preferences of how the team like their eggs in the morning (or just in general). You can see some prefer a simple option and others love to add a bit of gourmet flair!

Joe: Just the yolk and either boiled with soldiers or fried on a bacon/sausage sandwich or on a burger – I have once had a fried egg (yolk only) on a pizza!

Monica: Fried egg or scrambled egg on buttered granary toast, with a dash of tomato ketchup to finish it off – but only have ketchup if it’s scrambled.

Shannon: It’s a tricky one, I’d probably have to say that poached eggs are probably the best though, served on soda bread with cream cheese, avocado and plum tomatoes and a wee bit of seasoning. YUM! (Or in pancakes/waffles with banana and Nutella, because who doesn’t love pancakes and waffles?)

Alex: Smashed avocado on toast with sea salt, chilli, pepper and lemon juice topped with poached farm eggs.

Chloe: Into a pancake mix with Nutella spread on top! (We like the sneaky creativity of this one!)

Mikey: Omelette. I like my eggs (x3), with smoked salmon, and spinach. A sprinkling of pepper and a touch of salt during the whisking process. I like to leave my omelette to become a medium-rare, as a runny omelette is a no-no.

Annie: I love a good egg dish. I usually opt for 2 poached eggs on one piece of seeded bread (preferably seed sensations). To make the eggs, I put a few drops of cider vinegar in a pan with boiling water. I spin the water, usually with a spoon, before cracking my eggs in. Meanwhile, the bread should be put down to toast. The eggs cook for around 2 and a half minutes until I take it off the hob and let them sit while I butter my toast. The eggs are then transferred to the toast for a breakfast of champions. Sometimes I’ll put a cheeky avo(cado) with it. Usually double up on drinks to go with it, going for a mint green tea and choccy Nesquik.

Sam: Believe it or not, I don’t actually like eggs! So, I guess I like them in the bin and not on my plate.

Tom: I like to double up on the large free range in the morning, poached, on brown bread. A touch of tomato ketchup and a sprinkling of chilli flakes to kick-start the day. Washed down with a nice strong coffee.

Tillie: Preferably in the Crème variety! I could happily snack on a commercial pack of Crème eggs (48 of the delicious ones!) in a couple of days. It’s the best way to feed my sugar addiction. Known around the UK for my love of a good crème egg… Just don’t leave them around me, they’re partial to being…misplaced…

Stu: Huevos rancheros. It’s the egg breakfast of the Aztec gods; basically, its eggs poached in a homemade salsa like sauce, served in tortillas with cheese and guacamole.

Tyrone: I like my eggs fried and to be with chips, 2 hash browns, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages tomatoes and mushrooms and to start if off you have to have a tea with 2 slices of bread and the egg has to be runny when the bread goes in – yummy!

Lewis: Not available for comment on this topic, but we always see him in the corner snacking on a jar of pickled eggs.

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