What Does The Future Hold For Digital Marketing?

The world of marketing is always adapting to keep up with the on-going advancements in technology, changes in customers purchase cycles and its overall digitisation.

These changes have made it clear that analytical and digital marketing should be the main emphasis of business’ marketing strategy. It’s time to erase those mass-marketing efforts and embrace a new, data-driven and futuristic approach which will be sure to eliminate competition.

As mentioned above, the digital marketing landscape is always changing, but what are some of the future trends for 2019? From live videos to augmented reality, we explore what companies should be looking out for when planning their online strategies.


Rise of Influencer Marketing

Instagram stories and IGTV can be credited for the surge in influencer marketing. Companies, particularly those who are targeting millennials, can utilise bloggers to access more followers. This is due to established trust between the user and the influencer which can be injected into a product or company. The user sees the recommendation of a product through paid collaborations, partnerships or a genuine review, and are more likely to engage and act upon their recommendation.
With Instagram being the platform, which engages with companies and businesses the most; it’s clear to see the vast opportunity for businesses and social influencers.


Live Video

More people are now choosing to watch online videos rather than TV, with 50% of 18-34-year-olds stating they would stop whatever they were doing to watch a new video by their favourite vlogger.
This has led to a surge in live videos, as users can now gain instant access to the information they require, which means they are much more likely to engage with their favourite brands and influencers.
Instagram and YouTube’s launch of live video, although in its infancy, has proved to be very successful and is likely to keep growing in its contribution to digital marketing.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world of digital marketing. It allows companies to have a deeper knowledge of their consumers so they can deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.
Utilising these technologies can lead to better user experience, as more relevant content will be fed to the consumer, based on past behaviour, historical and location data, resulting in a higher chance of conversion. It can also predict customer behaviour and offer real-time customer support which helps to attend to the customers’ needs on a personal level and offer a quick resolution to a problem.
In fact, 57% of brands are already utilising AI to make improvements on their existing products and services, which highlights the rising usage of artificial intelligence for marketing.


Voice Services

Almost one-third of searches on Google are performed through using voice commands; this is set to rise significantly to half of all online-searches by 2020! Utilising these services can greatly reduce the consumer purchase journey and make it easier for a customer to buy something, with just the sound of their voice.

Some large companies such as ASOS and Domino’s have tapped into this smart technology market already, displaying the significance of voice search for businesses. ASOS has created its own online chatbot called Enki to help customers shop the latest products across their store, with ease. With large businesses showing the way, it’s clear to see that voice services could be a lead player in the world of digital marketing and should certainly contribute towards companies forthcoming marketing strategies.


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