Favourite Christmas movies of the Ducard team

Christmas is just days away and to get into the festive mood, our team at Ducard have all been discussing which Christmas movies we love the most – and why. From the gooey, loved-up rom-com like Love Actually, to the supernatural horrors like Krampus, watching Christmas movies has become a holiday tradition.

Have a look below at the favourite festive films the team love:

Shannon said her favourite is The Muppets Christmas Carol and the reason why it is the perfect Christmas rollercoaster of a film, with laughter, tears, and joy throughout. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with anticipation in the saddest moments, then pulls you back in a warming embrace as it comes to an end. Plus, the songs are just fab! “I love it!”

Annie had a hard time to choose between Elf and How The Grinch Stole Christmas, ultimately deciding on the latter, saying, “Because it’s really funny but also quite cute and now there are loads of memes about it!”

Stu has a different view on the gushy Christmas movies, saying his favourite was Silent Night, Deadly Night. Not heard of it? It’s about a madman dressed as Santa killing naughty people, a controversial 80’s Christmas slasher movie for when the sweet sentimentality of other Christmas movies gets too much.

Die Hard is one of those films that causes a bit of controversy about whether it is a Christmas movie or not and also very few people on the Ducard team have even seen it! But hero Chloe said it was her favourite Christmas movie, saying, “To my dismay Die Hard is not often seen as a Christmas film, but I think nothing screams Christmas more than a sweaty Bruce Willis running around barefooted in a not-so-white vest…”

Joe said his favourite is Santa Claus: The Movie. The reason why? “Because I like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola and they are heavily featured and promoted throughout! And Dudley Moore is funny (so is John Lithgow as the “baddie”!).”

Mikey said his favourite Christmas movie was the 90s classic Home Alone because he likes the music and it’s a nice film that the whole family can enjoy.

Home Alone seemed to be popular with some people in the office, as Tom also named it as his favourite holiday movie, saying, “The McCallister’s house brings back memories of a holiday house our family stayed in over Christmas in America. And being one of three brothers, Kevin always inspired me to up my prank game!”

Elf is Tillie’s favourite Christmas movie, because, “Who isn’t a big kid at Christmas?  Elf shows all the humbugs how you should get into the Christmas spirit…plus Will Ferrell is one of the funniest men alive! (I may secretly be in love with him….).”

Monica said without a doubt her favourite Christmas movies is the Hollywood classic It’s a Wonderful Life, having watched it every year since she was 10. It is a heart-warming story, that makes you laugh and cry, makes you believe in the magic of Christmas, stars the wonderful James Stewart and has the best – or worst! – Christmas villain of them all, Mr Potter.

Sam said he couldn’t think of any! But wondered if Star Wars: The Force Awakens counts as it came out in cinema around Christmas. It’s not very Christmassy, but there is a scene where it’s snowing, so we will let him have that.

Lewis is the resident Scrooge, and said In Bruges was his favourite. Again, not exactly a Christmas film, but it is set during winter. And the reason why he likes it? Because all the other Christmas films are rubbish and fluffy but this one has all the things a Christmas film doesn’t, like gunfights and lots of drinking. Plus, Ralph Fiennes delivering one of the best lines in cinema – you know the one! Something to do with an inanimate object?

Sadly, Alex wasn’t here while we were discussing all these favourite Christmas movies, so we did assume it was the romantic comedy The Holiday! It’s possible he could be won over by Jude Law’s blue eyes… however, he did let us know from his sick bed he likes the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – “Chevy Chase in his prime!”

Are there any Christmas movies which didn’t make this list that you love? And Merry Christmas from Ducard!

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