Dawn of a New Era

We recently celebrated our second birthday here at Ducard and having enjoyed a hugely successful first two years in business we thought it was about time we upgraded our website to reflect how far we’ve come.

Having started as a single employee business set up by our director we now boast a team of content writers and a burgeoning business development team – meaning we’re able to deal with the SEO of a growing number of clients.

In order to show this to prospective new clients, we felt we ought to rebrand and have a new website built, which not only explains how we operate in our approach to SEO, but which also reflects our professional culture.

Having matured to become a company with dozens of clients it seemed only right to practice what we preach and make sure our own site is as good as we strive to make those of our clients.

As we enter our third year as a UK SEO optimisation company we’ve also had a look at the work we’ve done so far and you can see some examples of our work on this new site.

Have a browse of this site and you can find out how we helped a legal client become the number one UK authority when it comes to grandparents rights and how we continue to work with a thriving cottage rental company with more than 50 years of history.

Find out also how we grew from a small agency with a few mainly local clients into a slightly larger agency, but with clients operating across Europe and even in Australasia.


Do you regularly update your website with quality content? Or would you like to know more about the benefits of content on your website? Here at Ducard, we can assist you with these vital website decisions which will ultimately improve your organic search engine listing.


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