Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media has become a big part of marketing in recent years, with companies using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn to generate results. However, you may find your social media strategy is not bringing in the desired results, so we are taking a look at the common marketing mistakes found with social media.


Failing to Find A Target Audience

Not everyone uses social media in the same way; some people are on there as a way to keep in contact with family and friends and are not interested in being influenced by companies. As such, it is important to have a target audience in mind when building your strategy. What is the demographic? Is there a desired tone of voice? Which platform is best for your desired audience? Relevant questions such as these play a role in implementing a successful strategy.


Posting Without a Defined Strategy

It can be easy to post things on social media that don’t really help with your marketing goals, so it is a good idea to have an outline of the right social posts in advance. A defined strategy, that has some flexibility so you can change it based on the response, will help you stay organised and aware of how social media is impacting your marketing campaign.


Using Every Social Media Network

There are so many social media networks out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn to name a few. While it is a good idea to have a presence on several social sites, it is time-consuming to use them all, and they won’t all gauge the same response. Find the platforms which work best for you and post regularly to them.


Posting Too Much or Not Enough

Sadly, it is hard to figure out how often you should post to your social media accounts. There is research about how often you should post, which is a good starting point. You want to make sure your social media accounts are active and engaged with the audience, but you don’t want to be spamming followers with content that could turn them away, un-liking, unfollowing or muting your feed.


Not Engaging with the Audience

As a business, you may forget that social media is a two-way platform. Your social media channels offer your consumers and clients a way to contact you and engage in your content. If you are just using it one-way to get your message out, you miss out on a lot of benefits. Be sure to regularly check the messages, replies and comments on the channels you use.


Ignoring Analytics

All social media channels have analytics you can use to review the overall engagement on the page along with how individual posts have performed. The analytics give you the chance to see what works well and what doesn’t as well. Analytics also show the social media platforms which gain the most clicks and conversions so you can adapt your marketing campaign accordingly.


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