If you’re a business with an online platform, then chances are that you’re aware of pay per click (PPC) advertising.

With 79% of marketers revealing that “PPC is hugely beneficial for their business”, according to Hanapin Marketing, it is clear that PPC should be something to consider.

But what benefits can it actually bring for your business?

Brand Awareness

PPC is great for introducing your brand to new audiences. A good PPC campaign can see your site bumped to the top of the search results page, meaning people searching for a relevant keyword will see your brand, even if they’ve never heard of you before.

Google have reported that search ads can actually boost brand awareness by up to 80%, with consumers more likely to remember your brand and interact in the future.

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Get the Audience You Want

PPC allows you to advertise directly to lookalike audiences, putting your page in front of people who are the most likely to be interested in clicking to discover more. It makes it easier to find exactly the right demographic for you, plus it could lead to poaching a customer from a competitor!

PPC can also be as niche as you want it to be. If you want to promote a seasonal sale in a specific timeframe or target a very specific group of people, then PPC can be used to tailor ads to the exact audience you desire.

A Measurable ROI

PPC makes it clear what you are getting from your money. Every step of the campaign can be tracked, and you’ll easily be able to compare impressions and clicks with sales and revenue.

When compared with SEO marketing, this is a clear benefit. Organic campaigns are less easy to direct results from and are more of a waiting game.

More Conversions

New Media Campaigns reports that PPC search results gain 1.5 times as many conversions from click-throughs than organic search results. Wordstream also reports that 65% of all clicks from users who intend to make a purchase are on paid ads.

Each of these statistics reveals how PPC ads have the power to create more conversions for your business.

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Immediate Impact

PPC campaigns offer you an immediate result. You have the potential to rank at the top of a search results page within a matter of hours.

While organic marketing can have more long-term pay-offs, PPC allows for quick results, which are ideal for when you’re getting started and for promoting time-sensitive events and deals. It also allows you to stay at the top of results without needing the resource for a longer-term SEO strategy if this is not an option for you.

graph: PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors

No Unexpected Costs

With PPC, you only have to pay when someone clicks on your link and can set up daily spend limits, so you won’t end up with any massive bills or unexpected costs.

Unbounce state that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. So, with people who click on PPC ads being more likely to buy something, a sponsored link can often pay for itself!

With 40% of brands stating that they want to increase their PPC budget, according to SocialMediaToday, it is clear that PPC is an effective and worthwhile option for digital marketing.

graph: 75% of people are more likely to visit a store if they have found it in search results

Good For Local

Did you know that 75% of people are more likely to visit a store if they have found it in search results?

PPC can be extremely beneficial for physical stores looking for local customers, as ads can be targeted to people in your area. Plus, as the statistic above states, footfall in your store is much more likely if you have an online presence that can quickly be found in search.

With bricks-and-mortar stores suffering at the moment, solidifying your online presence through PPC is beneficial for both the promotion of your online store and your shop.

Why Choose a Marketing Agency for Your PPC Campaign?

If you would like to implement PPC or SEO campaigns for your business, but struggle to find the time, then using a PPC agency such as Ducard can be a great option, as you can get results without having to put in time or effort yourself!


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