A day in the life at Ducard

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Ducard? Well, here is just a brief summary of an exciting day in the life at the Ducard office.

The working day at Ducard begins at 9am with a round of tea and coffee to kick start the morning, and the first job of the day is to scour the news for any fresh stories, events and discoveries suitable for any of our clients. This can often make or break the day depending on what excitement has happened the previous evening, as we like to keep the news as current as possible.

Everyone in the office has a personal plant, and we all make sure to retain an optimum level of care to our beloved plants watering and pruning them often. The plants range from desk cacti to the green leaved tree, and they bring a sense of the exotic into the building as well as enhancing the air quality.

As everyone enjoys sharing the variety of stories we are all writing and reading, the office is a very social place, with e-mails and jokes flying in and out at all hours of the day. Recently we had a new phone system installed, and this has caused a surprising amount of entertainment. The new system is more complex than some of us were used to and resulted in a few little issues such as how do you use the hold button, and what has happened to having labels on phones?

The unlimited stream of tea is one of the top perks of the job – you can be sure that the next round is never far off. A standard builder’s tea is the current office favourite, and although the green tea is arguably taking the top spot in the near future, the strong nature of a builder’s tea could remain as the bookies favourite to keep the top spot.

For lunchtimes, the office is well equipped with a staff area to unwind for the break and play on a few games consoles, usually accompanied by the office’s favourite, bagels. It certainly refreshes our brains and keeps the enthusiasm for writing content in the afternoon.

When 5.30pm arrives, you can hear the last few pieces of content being furiously typed ready to be proofed the next day, unless it’s a Friday, when the luxury of finishing at 5 pm is very much appreciated. At this time, we all pack away our things, greet each other farewell and trundle off home to refresh for the next day that lies ahead.

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