8 Tips for Your Pinterest Strategy in 2019

While Pinterest may not be the social platform with the most users or engagement, its potential for businesses should not be overlooked. Being a visual platform, Pinterest is a place for people to discover the new and be inspired, which creates a perfect opportunity for marketers. 83% of regular Pinterest users state that they have purchased because of pins that have been shared from brands, highlighting the importance for companies to utilise the platform and ultimately increase their sales and revenue.

To help you make the most out of this social platform, we have put together a few tips to consider when creating your strategy so that you’ll stay on top of your Pinterest game in 2019!


Post Regular Content


Businesses should aim to post at least once a day. When it comes to pinning, the more regularly you can post, the better. This will help build up a loyal following. As it may not be possible to manually create pins every day, the app has released a scheduling tool especially for business accounts, where you can schedule pins to be released at a later date. This also ensures that posts are being published at optimum times to achieve the most engagement, with weekends being the best days to post, according to HubSpot. Additionally, it is suggested that the best time to post is between 20:00 and 23:00, particularly on Saturdays.


Post Engaging Content


For many of the key social players, algorithms have recently shifted from being chronologically listed to having a focus on engagement, and Pinterest is no exception. The visual platform aims to show users content which is the most engaging, with the newest posts no longer appearing at the top. Instead, the algorithm will pick the posts they feel users will most likely want to see, and this comes down to quality. With this in mind, creating engaging content is imperative, as it will reach a larger audience by appearing higher up in users’ feeds.

When the pins you have created are re-pinned by other users, the algorithm will take note of it. This will be added to the amount of engagement, reach and impressions the Pinterest account is receiving. The algorithm will then calculate how high up the feed your pins will appear. Consequently, businesses should aim to create content that is of value to users.

Including a call-to-action is an easy way to increase engagement. It was revealed by HubSpot that 80% of pinners will not interact with posts if they do not have a call-to-action.


A pin being created with a circle around the description displaying a call to action

Optimisation is Key


Instead of a social media platform, Pinterest could be viewed as a search engine as there are over 2 billion monthly searches worldwide! Similar to Google, pins get shown in searches based on how relevant they are, so it is essential to tell Pinterest what your pins/boards are about by using keywords.

An easy way to carry out Pinterest keyword research is on Pinterest itself by using the search bar. As you type in words relevant to your field, it will auto-suggest other words which are popular phrases. After you’ve carried out the search, it will have more suggested keywords beneath the search bar, which can be replicated for your Pinterest account if relevant.

Keywords should be used throughout your profile; not just utilised to optimise your pins and boards, but also your business name, bio and username.


Multiple Pins


Coming up with new and engaging content day in, day out can be somewhat of a task, but posts can be stretched out by creating multiple pins for the same piece of content. This is also a good way to appeal to more than one audience as a different design can make all the difference when it comes to Pinterest.

Not only does this increase the chance of your pin coming up in a search but also, Pinterest will view this as fresh content which is taken into account in the algorithm. The multiple pins can then be analysed to see which one performed better, and this will give you an insight into what your audience prefers and what to replicate in the future.

Picture displaying two different images to use for the same pin in Pinterest

Be Consistent


It is important to remain consistent throughout all your social media platforms, including Pinterest. As mentioned above, Pinterest is a visual platform which provides an excellent opportunity to paint a brand’s picture. The same font and colours should be used throughout, ensuring that a logo is incorporated into every pin, so that your business can be easily identified.


Use Hashtags


Hashtags are relatively new to Pinterest; like Twitter and Instagram, they provide a great way to discover content that is trending or relevant to a particular field.

When typing out a hashtag, Pinterest will populate the field with how many times that hashtag has been used, which is a good indicator of which ones to use. Aim to use the hashtags with more than 1000 pins as this could help you get more clicks and views.


hashtag sign on pink background


 Look at Seasonal Trends


Pinterest becomes very popular around seasonal events and holidays as pinners like to use the platform for inspiration, such as Christmas decorations or gift ideas.

Consequently, the timing of your seasonal posts should be carefully considered in order to achieve the most engagement. As a general rule of thumb, seasonal content should be posted 30-45 days before the event. This way, your pins can be discovered by people looking to start their inspo early; many users start pinning their ideas for seasonal holidays months in advance.


Analyse and Adapt


After ensuring that all of the above steps have been taken into account, the data of your business account must be analysed. This will give you a better understanding of what is working and where there is room for improvement. The number of impressions, re-pins, close-ups and profile clicks will give you an insight into your performance.

You can see which pins have performed particularly well and which ones haven’t, and use the data to mould your future content.

At Ducard, Pinterest plays a big role in what makes up our social media strategy. We are experts in this field, as well as SEO and content creation, and can help improve your marketing strategy and Google rankings. For more information on the services we provide, get in touch with us today ⬅️.

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