8 Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the number of users to a particular site by ensuring that it ranks high in the list of search engine results from search engines such as Google or Bing. Although we may be biased as SEO specialists, it is clear to see the benefits that this may have for businesses and the traffic to their website.

We know SEO will improve a website’s visibility and searchability, but it can also add value in other ways. We look into what makes SEO so important and why your business needs it to take it to the next level.


SEO Builds Trust and Brand Awareness


Ranking highly on a search engine’s result page (SERP) can help increase a business’ exposure due to the significant amount of impressions it receives. This higher ranking can also make a company appear more trustworthy as Google is highly respected by its users. The higher a business appears on search engine results, the more credible that company is perceived to be.


Uses Organic Search


51% of all online traffic comes from organic search results which highlights the opportunity that SEO taps into. A massive benefit of this is that people are already searching, with a massive 40,000 queries being searched every second on Google! This means that a captive audience is actively trying to find your product or service and all you have to do is make sure they can find you.


More Likely To Convert


Search Engine Optimisation can lead to increased traffic to business’ websites and traffic that comes from search engines has the highest conversion rates, as consumers are further into the buying cycle. If a website is optimised effectively, then it will be easy to use and quick and compatible with all devices, which makes it easy for customers to convert,  this in turn increases the conversion rate.


A man holding a card making a purchase on his laptop


Better User Experience


The algorithm that determines which pages rank highly on search results is based upon a number of factors. In recent years, this algorithm has moved away from keyword stuffing and more towards a best practice which reflects the user experience. This new reality rewards sites which are easy to navigate, contain quality content and are mobile-friendly, as well as being fast and secure, which means a smoother experience for the customer.


It Positively Impacts the Buying Cycle


Good SEO can greatly influence customer’s behaviour and draw them towards your website. As the majority of the research phase will take place on Google, SEO can make the overall consumer buying cycle quicker and easier. Relevant brands will be pushed higher up the search results page resulting in the products or services being more visible. As mentioned above, a better user experience, which SEO promotes, will make the purchasing phase shorter.


SEO is Cost-Effective


Search engine optimisation targets users who are already actively looking for your products and services, which makes it a very cost-effective marketing strategy. The main cost comes from paying SEO specialists to optimise your website. However, the payoff will be considerable in terms of the way your brand will benefit, which is viewed as more of a business investment as it will generate rewards for years to come.


It’s Measurable


While measuring the return on investment (ROI) may not be as straight forward as on PPC campaigns, the metrics that contribute to SEO can be easily measured. Tracking and analysis software such as Google Analytics can be used to evaluate this.

 At Ducard, we also use Moz explorer to calculate domain and page authority, which is an indicator of a website’s authority and dominance on Google. This can be easily measured and is a good way to see the difference of where a site was when the work started and its current digital performance.


Screen shot of Google Analytics showing data


 SEO is Always Evolving


Google and other search engines are always updating their best practices, this means SEO requires constant evaluation to ensure websites are keeping in line with the algorithm. For brands who invest in SEO, this is a great way to stay ahead of their competition as competitors will fall behind if they are not proactive.


An SEO company like Ducard can ensure that your business always keeps up with the ever-changing search world and help it reach new heights. We are also experts in social media and content creation which will help improve your rankings over several months. For more information on the services we provide, get in touch with us today.

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