7 tips to help you become more efficient at work

When working in a busy office environment, sometimes it is easy to get distracted by things that are going on around you. But however hectic your day may be, it is always important to have a routine and a plan for the day. Check out our 7 ways you can be more efficient at work.

1. To-do Lists

Creating a to-do list is an important way to prioritise tasks. Keeping tabs on your progress makes your day go a whole lot smoother. Every time you manage to tick something off the list, you will get a sense of achievement which will make you feel positive!

2. Take a Break

Unfortunately sitting at your desk for a long period of time can leave you feeling drained. Your energy levels can drop and this is what puts you in that 3pm slump. Taking a short break every 90 minutes or so should help you overcome this. Whether you are making a round of tea or just stretching your legs, taking a break is a vital part of your working day.

3. Snacks

Your brain needs snacks, which are high in good fats to help you concreate. Snacks such as almonds and chia seeds can provide you with acids, which burn fat but keep the mind satisfied. Try and avoid carbohydrates and heavy foods, as these can drain your energy. Make the switch from coffee to green tea as it delivers caffeine to you with a zero-jitter effect – and it’s good for you!

4. Delegate

When your workload gets a bit too heavy, there is no harm in asking your colleagues for some assistance. Delegating tasks can help build team work and also up the communication in your office. Make sure you properly informed co-workers of relevant deadlines and notes.

5. Disconnect

Okay, so we don’t mean ignore everyone in your office, we mean hide your mobile phone! We are all guilty of being addicted to checking our social media feeds, but it can be distracting from the task in hand. Turn your phone off, put it in your bag or just leave it home. If you can’t live without it, only check it on your designated breaks.

6. Sleep

Getting yourself into a sleep routine is essential. Being fatigued can dampen your creativity and make you grumpy! Try and get yourself into a routine, and you will feel so much better. Waking up, and bushy-tailed will lower-stress and boost your mood!

7. Prepare

Jump ahead of the game by planning your day the night before. Know what you’re wearing, prepare your lunch in advance and it will make for a calm and cool morning before you arrive at the office.

It doesn’t hurt to turn up to work 10 minutes before you start, then you can make a coffee and be ready as 9am hits the clock!

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