5 Social Media Trends that Dominated 2017

Any successful digital marketing strategy involves the effective use of social media. It is a vital component for businesses to have a consistent online presence that is represented on a website and various social media platforms. Despite millions of businesses and consumers using these platforms every day, they never remain the same for a prolonged period and, in fact, the algorithm of each frequently changes. Take the recent algorithm change that was announced by Facebook in January 2018, which will be emphasising posts from friends and family, rather than businesses and news outlets. Every so often, these platforms try new strategies in a hope to find an update that is more pleasing for the consumer/user. So, what were the dominant social media trends of 2017?


Content Legitimacy

After a continual stream of fake news, distrustful adverts and unbelievable stories afflicting social media users in 2016-2017, platforms were forced to introduce ‘quality control’ and fight for content that was both truthful and of interest to the audience. New mechanisms were introduced across social media platforms, which assisted in reducing the amount of fake news that was posted and shared. Facebook, in particular, introduced a way for users to report stories that they considered fake. If enough people reported the story, it would be sent to a fact-checking organisation who research the topic and decided whether it is accurate.


Millennials and Generation Z

Social media platforms are spending more and more time analysing how Generation Z are using their services, as Millennials are no longer considered their primary demographic. Generation Z is a user born during or after 1995; the demographic is said to be impatient, easily bored and appreciates remaining more private on social media in comparison to Millennials.


Integrated Shopping

2017 saw great increases in e-commerce integrations on across social media, with mechanisms making it much more convenient for users to buy the product whilst on the businesses profile or when the item is advertised in their feeds.

The Facebook market place, as defined by the leading social media platform, is ‘an easy, convenient way to buy and sell in your area. You can look through listings or search for items near you to find great things to buy’. It also underwent a relaunch last year, allowing users to easily list or browse for items without installing another app or leaving the platform.


Digital Hangouts

With the ever-expanding want for online video calls, digital hangouts continue to rise in popularity. Digital hangouts are apps that allow users to video chat with one or more people, at the same time. The main demographic of users is Generation Z, with their preference for connection with people, while still having privacy driving the demand. Digital hangouts will continue to have a huge influence in 2018 as more and more users and business opt for this method of communication; this platform is also predicted to take advantage of integrated shopping too.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing also saw a considerable rise of use on social media during 2017. More often than before, businesses were engaging with popular accounts that already had a large following and received a high level of engagement from their audience. This trend is set to continue in 2018, with business to business influencers and business to consumer influencers regularly taking place.


What social media trends did you notice in 2017 and how did they affect your business? Get in touch via our social media channels or give us a call to find out how we at Ducard can help your business improve its performance on the platforms!

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