20 Things You Only Know if You Work in an Office

Working in an office may seem like the most normal job in the world, but when you actually work in one, there are plenty of odd things that go on that make you question your life, your job and pretty much everything. If you’ve worked in an office, you’ll probably find around 90% of this VERY relatable, and if you’ve not… welcome to the wonderful world of office life.


  • In every office there is someone who (at least pretends) to hate EVERYTHING, from the sun and the sand to Christmas and people.


  • At least 50%, but probably more like 99% of the office is fuelled primarily by cups of tea every 15-20 minutes.


  • Fear spreads around the office like wildfire as soon as someone coughs or sneezes, and if that person is you, be prepared to be the victim of everyone’s hatred until the entire office is feeling 100% again.


  • There’s always at least one person who takes 1000+ toilet breaks a day, and at least one person who has counted each break and how many minutes each one lasted…


  • You can always rely on at least four conversations every single working day: what did you do last night/this weekend? What did you have for lunch? Got any plans for the evening? What kind of tea do you want?


  • There’s no ‘nice temperature’, you’re either freezing cold or sweating buckets. In most cases, there’s a war going on between the hot people and the cold people.


  • Everyone’s face fills with fear when the phone near them rings and there’s no one else to answer the call.


  • A quick drink after work on a Friday has a 98% chance of turning into a wild night where you all message each other the next day wondering where it all went wrong and checking that no one has any photos of your drunk eyes.


  • Everyone has a phone voice and will be ripped after almost every phone call.


  • You learn at least one pointless fact a day, if not 100+ and will most likely text, tweet or tell someone else that completely useless fact.


  • 9/10 innocent questions turn into in-depth conversations about a deeply political, controversial or downright weird topic.


  • There are arguments daily about silly things such as the pronunciation of words i.e. plethora, or the best biscuits, i.e. caramel chocolate digestives vs. gingerbread/ginger nuts. These will usually result in a wave of comments such as ‘I’m not sure I can work in the same office as you anymore’ or ‘where did you even come from?’


  • Everyone has a work best friend, two, or a crew, but most likely never actually see each other outside of working hours.


  • 97% of the office will book Christmas off in January to ensure they don’t have to be one of the only people having to come into the office to cover.


  • When you get a package, everyone is suddenly incredibly interested in your latest purchase or purchases and wants a detailed description of what’s inside.


  • Going on a diet is basically impossible with the number of snacks and treats that end up floating around the office.


  • What to have to lunch is a constant stress. Do you spend £100 a week on eating lunch out or eat bread and butter for lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY? Life is hard.


  • There’s a story about pretty much every person in the office that has been exaggerated 100x and now is told on a frequent basis to shock the newbies.


  • When someone asks you something twice, instead of asking them to repeat it a third time and it all getting a little awkward, you’ll hazard a wild guess and pray that you’ve plucked the right idea out of nowhere.


  • You make hundreds of plans to go for lunch/dinner/drinks/anywhere with your colleagues in full knowledge that the likelihood of it actually happening is incredibly low.


Is there any other relatable office experiences you can think of? We’d love to hear from you!

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