10 things in North Devon to add to your bucket list in 2017

Whether you live in Devon, on the outskirts, or come from some far away land, Devon is a wonderful place, with an abundance of beautiful beaches, wild walks and fantastic foods. In the winter, some of us have a little bit of a hard time finding things to do, but this blog is here to help you through as most of these activities are suitable all-year round. Here are 10 things that you should definitely add to your bucket list for 2017 to make the most of the delightful Devonshire attractions:

Dine in Ilfracombe

Ok, so those who know Ilfracombe might know that it hasn’t always had the greatest reputation, however, it is certainly an area in North Devon that is up and coming. The restaurant selection is fantastic and is something that should definitely be explored this year, from the newly titled Michelin star restaurant of Thomas Carr at The Olive Room to other fantastic choices such as Relish, or The Terrace Tapas & Wine Bar. Make an evening of it and head to the amusements before getting your fix of fab food. Don’t forget to visit world-famous artist, Damian Hirst’s Verity statue either!

Taste a Hockings

For those of you who don’t know, Hockings is the most delicious kind of ice cream to be found anywhere in the world. The clotted cream flavoured treat is a real Devonshire delicacy, and when you spot the first van of the year; you know that summer has arrived! Although in the wintertime their vans aren’t going to fill you with joy as you see them parked on the side of the road, rumour has it that if you head to their factory you can still get your fix! Many of us here in Devon only recently found out that they have expanded their flavours from just vanilla to many others, a must try for this summer!

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is possibly one of the best ways to explore Devon, taking you on trails all around that, even as a local, you might not have found without the help of this exciting app! Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt, leading you down paths and trails to hidden spots to sign your name and possibly pick up a treat from one of those special lock-top boxes! No matter where you go there are caches to be found in North Devon, from the town centre to far out areas, you never know when one could be right around the corner (until you open the app)!

Cream tea

As the long-lived battle with Cornwall remains strong, Devon is still the ultimate winner of the best cream tea. With the cream forming a base for the jam on a toasty warm scone, a delight that is better experienced in the heart of Devon. Head to any local café for this delicacy and you will not be disappointed. We don’t argue over this tasty treat for no reason!

Pitch and putt

If you are a golfing pro, then heading to the golf course is a real treat, but for the rookies amongst us, pitch and putt is a lot more fun! A great activity when on a budget, there are many dotted around and make for an excellent day trip, plus, who knows, maybe golf is your hidden talent?


Here in North Devon we see some truly incredible sunsets, you can see a few examples of these wonders over in one of our recent blogs where the team took to photography to show their love of bridges, crabbing and the aesthetic of a sunset! If you are an early riser, seeing the sunrise is also a real treat, particularly during the summer months!

Swim in the sea

Ok, so Devon isn’t the kind of place where the sea is an absolute delight to take a dip into, as even in the summer the chill of the water can take your breath away, but it is worth a quick swim anyway! Once you get over the initial shock and the bravery sets in, a brief float in the sea is wonderful, even if you have to opt for wearing a winter wetsuit.

If you are a keen diver, there are actually opportunities to head off diving near Lundy Island, and the experience might be better than you may think!

Take a trip to Lundy Island

This is a trip that many have considered time and time again, but never really got round to doing. However, 2017 is the year to travel to Lundy! Take the special Lundy ferry from Ilfracombe or Bideford and embark on a sea voyage to North Devon’s special island. This is a very unique experience where you’ll get to explore the 3-mile long, ½ mile wide island, and on your way there, you might even spot some playful dolphins!


Westward Ho!, Woolacombe and Ilfracombe all provide an excellent experience at the amusements, whether your choice of game is the tactical 2p machines or throwing the basketball through the hoop! There is no joy quite like that of handing over a reel of hard earned tokens and exchanging them for a prize of some description (even if you only manage to win a Maoam). This is an activity that you can make last from 10 minutes to 10 hours, depending on your patience and dedication levels!

Fish and chips

The seaside locations in North Devon mean that it would be a sin not to take a taste of fish and chips, no matter where in North Devon you are, there is sure to be a chippy around the corner! Be it the award winning fish dinner of Squires in Braunton, the convenient location of Woody’s in Barnstaple or one of the wonderful chip shops in Woolacombe, they all offer a superb chippy dinner that must be enjoyed on a trip to Devon; don’t forget the curry sauce!

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