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We find the keywords you need to rank well on Google, with key search terms to correspond with specifically targeted landing pages on your site. Targeting these pages with the designated keywords will enable your site to become more authoritative and relevant in the search results, leading to more site visits and therefore conversions, sales, enquiries or revenue. 

The best way to get these keywords to rank on Google is through content. By creating unique pieces of content tailored to your business, including news, feature pieces, infographics and more, Google will detect that your site has the answers to the customer’s search queries. These pieces of content, when posted on your company’s website, add to your internal linking structure – a key factor that helps Google to rank certain sites above others. 

We create tailored social media campaigns to push your business forward, helping to build up your products or brand and increase the public awareness of it. Whether it’s Facebook Remarketing, Google My Business reviews or Instagram Shopping ads we have it all covered. 

Step 1 - Onsite SEO

In month one, we concentrate on your onsite optimisation. First, we create a keyword document that goes through all the keywords you want to rank for based on search volume and trends. We use this to determine which page of your site should rank for each set of keywords and then optimise the onsite elements such as title tags around this. At the end of month one, it’s clear to Google which pages of your site relate to which keyword and you have made each page the most authoritative on your site for those keywords. Now it’s time to make those pages the most authoritative out of all the other sites and the way we do this is with content.

Step 2 - Blog / Feature Content

Our team of in-house writers then create engaging, unique, authoritative content on your site each week that links back to the relevant landing pages through keywords. This builds up your site’s reputation with Google, as they see that your business not only knows what it’s talking about, but it’s also alive and kicking with fresh new content that it can offer up to their search users.

Step 3 - Social Media Campaigns

We create powerful and engaging social media campaigns across multiple channels to advance your business. Whether it’s Facebook Remarketing, Google My Business reviews or Instagram Shopping ads we have it all covered. We show Google that your news and feature pieces are relevant and authoritative by getting as many users to read them as possible, by harnessing the power of social media distribution and engagement across all platforms. 

Step 4 - Outreach & Link Building

Our content team uses outreach to find relevant industry bloggers & communities who would want to share and promote your content socially and on their sites, again adding more authority to your site. The outreach methods increase the number of reputable backlinks to your site, raising your rankings and bringing your business more targeted, relevant, and converting traffic!

Step 5 - Ongoing Content Marketing

We build on the foundations that we’ve put in place to continue the long-term content marketing strategy. Our dynamic approach means we adjust to social and digital trends and industry news to keep your site content at the forefront.


Our tool can crawl your website to detect technical SEO issues and provide data for analysis, for free. There are so many factors that go into a website’s SEO; you’ll need to analyse as many areas of your site as possible to know how to improve its SEO.

Our report includes:

  • Website Health Score
  • Page Crawl Breakdown
  • Issues, Warning, & Notices

Ducard’s SEO team are on hand if you’d like to take your free audit to the next level.


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