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Online Retail Store for Cigars and Cigar Accessories

Havana House has six UK stores and a website. We started working with them back in 2015 and the website was 7th after all the stores in terms of revenue generated per year.

They started on the introductory level package and we saw a 100% rise in organic traffic to the site after six months compared with the previous year. We then moved to level two package where we doubled the turnover for year one. They moved up to the level three package that they have been on for 18 months now and again we doubled the turnover for the second year running. The website now turns over more revenue than all of the stores.



An online Sporting Goods store with a Physical Storefront

We started working with Surplus Store shortly after forming the company, and have worked with them ever since, growing as companies together. Surplus Store had been approached by multiple companies to run their SEO campaign but chose to go with Ducard based on Joe’s knowledge and vision for the business.

One of the initial challenges we faced with the Surplus Store website was the poor linking profile they had from a previous SEO company. By disavowing the bad links coming into the site and using an outreach campaign to place guest blogs on relevant, respected websites, we improved the authority of Surplus Store. This helped to build a solid foundation for the quality content we provide for their site.

Since working with Surplus Store, they have seen the revenue from online sales improve vastly; an area of their business that they notoriously struggled with. The keyword rankings improvements which have been achieved in a particularly competitive market has also helped to increase the foot traffic into the physical store, which was one of the main objectives of the client at the beginning of the campaign.

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